Calories In Fruits

    Have you ever wondered how many calories the fruit you might be addicted to have?

    Fruits are always good for the diet, having a low amount of calories in them, not to mention they keep your body in a healthy state.

    1-Apples: 95 calories. (If it was peeled, it contains 77 calories.)
    2-Avocados: 234 calories.
    3-Bananas: 133 calories.
    4-Kiwi: 42 calories.
    5-Lemon: 17 calories.
    6-Orange: 45 calories.
    7-Pinaepple: 45 calories.
    8-Peaches: 59 calories.
    9-Cherries, sweet: 88 calories.
    10-Pears: 95 calories.
    11-Nectarine: 62 calories.
    12-Papayas: 67 calories.
    13-Tangerine: 47 calories.
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